Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Some more of NIRD

It was wonderful being at the NIRD, Hyderabad. Five fun filled days of informal learning and friendship was a rejuvenating experience. A visit to a rural centre managed by the NIRD followed by another one to a rural road bridge project added to my understanding of rural development.

Some pictures:

Some more of the Moghul Road

Scenic and daring
You won’t get tired of clicking pictures throughout this picturesque and historic route. Here are some more from my camera. It was exactly one month back that I ventured this route. Today, on Christmas eve, the news is that some 30 km stretch of the road is under snow. The snow fall occurred 21-22 December and the Peer-ki-Gali is covered with four feet of snow.

A photographer's challenge ; the Sun overhead 
The Aliabad Moghul sarai - A close up
The Aharbal waterfall

The Moghul road story is incomplete without a mention of the Moghul sarai (inn) at Chingus village situated 125 km from Jammu on the Jammu – Poonch state highway. The Moghul sarais (inns) were the resting / camping places where the royal Moghul entourage took halt during their movement to and from Kashmir. Chingus is a Persian word which means ‘intestine’. The place is historic because Empror Jehangir’s, intestines are buried here. They say when he died here while coming from Kashmir, his intestines and some other internal body organs were removed and his body taken to Delhi on the back of an elephant

The intestines buried here

The Chingus Inn

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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Bridge in rural Andhra

We were a group of 25 civil engineers from seven states ranging from J&K to Karanataka, associated with the PMGSY, attending a seminar / workshop at the NIRD, Hyderabad. A field visit was arranged to see construction of a bridge in village Jadcherla in Mehboobnagar district of Andhra. 

A rural road (PMGSY)
The Panchayati Raj department of Andhra Pradesh is doing a marvelous job in construction of rural roads in the state under Bharat Nirman.

Some photographs of that field visit:

Bus journey to the site

The Executive Engineer (bearded) briefing the guests

Senior Engineers from Himachal
 (Prof Gangi Reddy of NIRD at right)
The Nallah bed
The visiting engineers at the site

A span of the bridge

Er Vazirani (Goa) shaking hands with a villager
With Srikumar, Adm officer SRRDA Kerala

Photo time
With my friend Luis from Goa
at NIRD, Hyderabad

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Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Moghul Road

A scenic stretch of the road
This scenic Moghul road is the modern day iteration of the old route the Moghul kings alongwith their entourage used to take to reach Kashmir. This 88 Km stretch takes off at Bafliaz – a small hamlet in Poonch district, some 12 Km off the Jammu – Poonch state highway and terminates at Shopian, in Kashmir. Srinagar is further 50 Km away. The road is yet to be officially inaugurated but private and small tourist vehicles have been plying for nearly two years now.  Peer- Ki- Gali (PKG) pass is the highest point on the road and the most picturesque too.

At the PKG
6th to 8th of Nov 2013 it rained heavily and the area had the season’s first snow fall. The road remained closed for more than a week. I travelled the road 21 Nov and 25 Nov on my way to Srinagar and back. Both days it was mesmerizingly pleasant at the PKG. Whereas the Kashmir side was clad in thick autumn fog day and night, the Poonch side including the PKG was a charming sight to behold.

Some pictures I clicked:
Dugrian Village

A Moghul Sarai

The Aliabad Moghul Sarai

A village enroute (Poonch side)

The famed Noorie Chhamb (Poonch district). Chhamb in local dialect means water fall.

This fall was the queen's preferred bathing spot . 

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