The Moghul Road

A scenic stretch of the road
This scenic Moghul road is the modern day iteration of the old route the Moghul kings alongwith their entourage used to take to reach Kashmir. This 88 Km stretch takes off at Bafliaz – a small hamlet in Poonch district, some 12 Km off the Jammu – Poonch state highway and terminates at Shopian, in Kashmir. Srinagar is further 50 Km away. The road is yet to be officially inaugurated but private and small tourist vehicles have been plying for nearly two years now.  Peer- Ki- Gali (PKG) pass is the highest point on the road and the most picturesque too.

At the PKG
6th to 8th of Nov 2013 it rained heavily and the area had the season’s first snow fall. The road remained closed for more than a week. I travelled the road 21 Nov and 25 Nov on my way to Srinagar and back. Both days it was mesmerizingly pleasant at the PKG. Whereas the Kashmir side was clad in thick autumn fog day and night, the Poonch side including the PKG was a charming sight to behold.

Some pictures I clicked:
Dugrian Village

A Moghul Sarai

The Aliabad Moghul Sarai

A village enroute (Poonch side)

The famed Noorie Chhamb (Poonch district). Chhamb in local dialect means water fall.

This fall was the queen's preferred bathing spot .