Spectacular Khajuraho

Known the world over for its erotic and sensuous sculpture Khajuraho is extensively filmed and photographed by professionals and amateurs alike. However, here are some shots that would hardly find many takers amid the rush to shoot the most obvious.
The hillock in the background of the Jawari temple looks like human teeth. People call it ‘Dantela Parbat’ which means ‘mountain with teeth’

This small temple looking almost un-Khajurahoic is dedicated to Lord Brahma, the Creator. However, it is permanently closed after some theft was reported.

The ruins of what would have been a massive structure, outside Khajuraho. Part of the base that is intact appears spectacular indeed.

The oldest of the lot in Khajuraho, the Chausath Yogini is a series of small cells on a raised platform. Seen here in the background are the giants like Kandariya Mahadeo and Laxmana temples.