Murky muddle

Indian politics is a murky muddle and the politicians know it well that emotions and sentiments rather than rationale decide things during elections. This scene is bound to get dirtier in the coming days. Seems that it will be in 2013 only for there appears no reason for the UPA to take it into 2014. This scam ridden, inefficient and discredited dispensation at the helm may not find a workable tool in the 2014 budget should they decide to wait till Feb. By that time the already mismanaged economy would have taken some more hits and nasty turns. One reason that we see more charged atmosphere this time is the crisis of leadership in the Congress party. Congressmen, irrespective of their posturing, understand it well that the heir apparent and their chosen leader is incapable of leading the nation.  They are afraid of Narendra Modi and that is one big reason that the UPA during its two terms have pursued a vendetta against him. They engaged all the means at their disposal to get just this man into a lock up.  Even now the Congress spin-doctors are full time into hate mongering.

It would be in the interest of democracy if more politicians threw their hats into the ring. They have an opportunity coming up and can prove their leadership mettle. Apart from Modi, I see a potential in Nitish Kumar. Yes, it should be presented to the electorate so that they go to the ballot machine with a clear picture in mind. A saint or a sinner let it be decided by the people. The leadership issue should not be left to backroom maneuvers. We have already seen that a couple of times and the arrangements never proved good for the country.