A spell of cold coupled with a couple of holidays proved rewarding. I dug out and dusted off some forty odd printed pages on concepts like Biocentrism, Panpsychism, and Attention Schema theory. The reading material was in the shape of book review, commentary, and a FAQ sort of write up.

Biocentrism postulated that it is life that creates matter.  Intelligence and consciousness existed before the material universe could emerge. There are multiple universes and upon death consciousness migrates to a different universe to find another body.

According to my understanding, the biocentric concept takes an idealist stand that all that exists is information and it is the self that makes out things subjectively.

I see traces of both Hinduism and Buddhism in this biocentric theory. Soul, consciousness (universal as well as individual), and / or illusion (the maya) are visible in it.

Interesting though not convincing. Shall be looking out for more.