Bidar Fort

If you are looking for a one day excursion spot near Hyderabad, two destinations immediately come to mind from a photographer’s perspective.

-                     -Warangal
-                     - Bidar

These two places almost equidistant from Hyderabad but in opposite directions are photographer’s delight. Warangal is famous for its thousand pillar temple and Bidar for its fort. This time I chose to do Bidar as I have been to Warangal during one of my previous visits to Hyderabad.
The Clock Tower

On the way
The Madarsa

Bidar is a district HQ as well as a parliamentary constituency in the state of Karnataka. The city is situated about half a degree north and a degree west of Hyderabad. The distance of around 140 km is done in about three hours by a car/taxi. Break your time as under:

- - 6 hours travelling time (3 hr each way including tea breaks)
- - 4 hours in Bidar including lunch break

Some 66 Km from Hyderabad (about 5 km short of Saddasipet) you will find by the highway the Famous Tea Point. Their tea is very famous. Almost all types of vehicles make a stop. I can vouch for it.

The Solah Khamba Masjid
We started from Siesta Hitech hotel, Kondapur locality at 7 in the morning and reached Bidar in little over three hours. The city was being dug all around as laying of some underground public utility was in progress. The clock Tower is first to be seen followed by the historic Madarsa (school of religious studies) of Mohammad Gawan. Then the front-beautiful fort built by the Bahamani rulers 5 centuries ago. The general upkeep of the fort appears good. Not much tourist activity was visible except for school children on excursion. I spent about three hours over there before taking return journey to Hyderabad. 

Overall a good day spent photographing a historic place.

 (visited in Dec 2016)