Ta Keo Cambodia

Ta Keo

The Magnificence and uniqueness of the Khmer temples of the Angkor fame, is commendable. The powerful Khmer kingdom was instrumental in establishing a civilization in Indo-China / S E Asia central to the Vedic culture of ancient times.

This temple – Ta Keo, literally means ‘mountain temple’. And the mountain it represents the mythical mount Meru.  According to the Vedic cosmology the mount Meru is a sacred mountain situated at the centre of the universe. Ta Keo is without a roof just like a pyramid but not ending up in a vertex. Going up to the top tier via narrow and steep steps is like scaling a mountain peak itself. There are enough warning signs for the visitors to be careful while negotiating the steps. And some tourists find coming down the steps more troublesome as there is a real chance of tumbling down if one is not careful to keep balance by slightly leaning backwards.

Going up is arduous ....
... and coming down is equally torturous.

It was an enjoyable exercise anyway and I caught some mountain climbers on my camera.

I went up and came down too

After scaling the peak you deserve a shot.