Preah Khan

Preah Khan means ‘Royal Sword’. The temple is massive and majestic but now it is in a state of permanent decay. The usual happening of big trees damaging the structures (like vividly seen at Ta Prohm) and deterioration of sand stone by environmental factors like bacterial degradation as well as chemical decomposition of the stones are the two major causes of the present plight of not only the Preah Khan temple but also the whole lot of Khmer structures of yore.

The temple was built by a Hindu Khmer King to commemorate his victory over the Cham invaders in the year 1191. 

The Garuda holding the Naga - this is the motif repeated many times on the outer wall 

An arch with the key course of stones destabilised

A corridor

A Buddhist Stupa in the middle of the temple with  direct sunlight on it

A representation of male and female genitalia. All the temples have the Linga and the Yoni display

The purpose of this double storey structure with round pillars is unexplained. Below is another view of the same structure.

The tree has completely engulfed a part of the structure